Male mental tricks to finally get to forge relationships

No matter how much we may try to avoid it, our minds tend toward wishful thinking when it comes down to the issues of love and sex. Those thoughts are like dreaming if only things were different, if only there were no obstacles between us, and if only we were closer. But only those thoughts matter if you take action. 

Know what you want out of life and relationships. Are casual hookups part of your plan, or do you prefer to date sexy Hobart escorts for a fantasy-filled night? Do your actions fit into what you want out of life right now? 

Or do your dreams feel like cheating yourself out of something more meaningful because society has told us that sex isn’t worth anything unless there’s an emotional connection involved?

Stop Waiting for Her to Make the First Move

You can’t expect women to be the ones who initiate contact, especially in today’s hookup culture. If you want casual relationships with women, you must take charge of things and go after what you want. This might sound like a difficult task but it’s actually quite simple once you get into a rhythm and start doing it regularly. 

Don’t wait for her to contact you first. Instead, call or text her immediately, and add her to your social network. Even better yet, do that before she has time to think about whether she wants you to contact her.

Do Feeler Moves Before Asking Her Out 

Don’t ask her out on a date right away. Approach her directly and say something like you would like to hang out sometime this week. Make sure that you are not too forward, though. 

Be subtle about it by asking feeler questions first to see if she is interested in you before making statements such as that. That friendly approach will save you from being rejected outright. But note that she might have someone else or isn’t into having relationships, so be ready to face closed doors. 

Know What You Want And Be Direct

Be clear about your intentions. In order to do this, ask yourself if you want a relationship. If the answer is no, and if casual dating or a serious relationship isn’t something that interests you right now, then don’t waste anyone’s time by pretending otherwise. 

The only way for a casual relationship to work out is if both are on board with the terms of said arrangement, such as having no strings attached. If either person wants more than sex from their partner, then there will likely be problems because one will inevitably feel cheated out of something they desire more than just sex, such as commitment. 

You have to know what you want, but if things are not yet clear to you, don’t pressure yourself to go for relationships you are not ready for. 

In Conclusion

The bottom line is that if you want to finally have relationships, be it casual or otherwise, it’s time to stop waiting around. You need to take charge of your own happiness and start doing things that make sense for your life, not someone else’s idea of what is or isn’t acceptable behaviour.